In our offer You’ll find orchestra chairs in various adjustment options. From the simplest ones to the more complex models.


– backrest height: 25 cm,
– backrest width: 37 cm,
– seat dimensions: 44 x 45 cm,
– the maximum height of the entire product with the backrest extended: 87 cm,
– frame spacing: 50 x 33 cm,
– weight: approx. 7 kg.

Rack specification:

– black matte,
– the frame has a quadruped structure,
– chairs are equipped with plastic feet to avoid scratching the ground,
– to enable the musician to adjust the sitting position to his person, the chair is equipped with adjustable backrest height (locked with a knob), angle of the backrest relative to the seat, angle of the backrest relative to the back of the musician, adjustment of the seat’s angle relative to the frame (functions activated with metal levers ended with plastic handles) and height adjustment of the legs and height adjustment of the entire seat together with the backrest thanks to the use of a compression spring (blocked by a knob). All these functions work independently of each other. Each leg can also be adjusted separately, which prevents the furniture from swaying when standing on uneven ground,
– frames are equipped with transverse hoops between the legs of the chairs, which allow stacking chairs several pieces on top of each other.

Seat and back specifications:

– the backs and seats are made using a high-quality sponge and upholstery material in gray, resistant to dirt, abrasion, and moisture. The whole is reinforced from the inside with special plywood

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