Dimensions of the basic model:

– width of soundproofing plate: 66cm,
– height of soundproofing plate: 47cm,
– tripod height: 125cm,
– maximum height of the entire product: 150cm.

Tripod (foldable or fixed):

– the basic color is black matt,
– the tripod has a solid, telescopic construction, which not only allows you to adjust the height of the entire product to the needs of a potential user but is a great convenience in the case of storage with limited space or the need to transport screens during outdoor events because after complete assembly of the tripod its dimensions are not much over 60cm,
– the whole structure is based on a tripod (folding or solid) with rubber tips (to avoid scratching the ground),
– to allow the musician to optimally adjust the screen position as much as possible, our products are adjustable in four planes (height, tripod opening, telescope extension, plate slope left-right, up-down).

Specification of soundproofing plate:

– the basic dimension is 66x47cm, the edge bends – 45 degrees (this is the most optimal solution to isolate musicians from each other, without breaking the light), the thickness of the disc is 6mm – this allows sufficient and effective silencing, but not jamming neighboring people, the disc is transparent, because any other color would cause twilight, which in the case of using the screens in the orchestra, where the amount of light is already limited is unacceptable.

We also make acoustic screens for drums together with transport cases.

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